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Math Subjects


Cost is dependent on a variety of factors including, type of private tutoring, reason for private tutoring, location, age, math subject, and more.


Online tutoring will be held over Google Meets based on availability and convenience.

In-Person tutoring is located in Central Florida (Orlando) and within 20 miles of the UCF main campus at home or a public facility

Book a Private Tutoring Session

Please fill out the consultation form located under Tutoring Services to get in touch with us before starting private tutoring. Once we have your information, we will discuss pricing, location options, and available time slots for tutoring.

Contact me or fill out the Consultation Form to determine the cost of private tutoring per hour/per session.

We offer two types of personalized tutoring sessions to meet your specific needs: online private tutoring and/or in-person private tutoring.

In-Person Private Tutoring Sessions

In-person tutoring allows for direct, real-time interaction with the tutor, enabling immediate clarification and personalized guidance, while also facilitating hands-on activities and the use of physical learning materials

Online Private Tutoring Sessions

Online tutoring offers the convenience of learning from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility in scheduling and eliminating the need for travel. It also allows for access to a wider range of qualified tutors, regardless of geographical location.

Purpose of Tutoring