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Book a Consultation to get started with private tutoring, consultations are important to get an accurate picture of your child's math level and journey with Hu Tutoring.

During our consultation (by email/online meeting), we will discuss:

- Cost: Pricing and cost options.
- Math Level: The main focus/reason for tutoring.
- Availability/Eligibility: Scheduling and eligibility requirements.
- Tutor Location: Online/In-Person sessions and location.
- Start Dates: Your preferred start date.
- Session Frequency: How often sessions will be held.

Together, we'll create a tutoring plan to help you succeed in math. I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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”A math tutor that shines through your exceptional ability to break down difficult concepts, tailor your teaching approach to each student, and create a supportive learning atmosphere that fosters growth and confidence.”

- Sam